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Introduction to Colleges and Departments of HNIEU
College of Foreign Languages and Literature
College of Foreign Languages and Literature (FLLC) consists of four departments: Business English Department, English Translation Department, Business Japanese Department, and Basic English Department, offering two regular undergraduate programs: English (including Business English and English Translation) and Japanese, and three professional training programs: Business English, Applied English and Business Japanese. With more than 3,400 in-school students, FLLC has a faculty of 167 full-time teachers (specializing in English, Japanese, German, and French), 14 part-time teachers and more than ten foreign teachers, among whom 11 are senior professors and 16 are associate professors. The Dean of FLLC is Professor Li Rongxuan, Dean of Foreign Languages Department of former Hunan Institute of Finance and Economics and professor of College of Foreign Languages of Hunan University.

FLLC is well equipped with modern multimedia phonetic training labs, multimedia classrooms and language teaching labs. Two advanced radio systems for listening practice and testing are set in the foreign languages building, covering both the east district and the west district of the campus. There are round-the-clock English TV programs in each classroom. Dozens of foreign teachers are employed all the year round, giving lectures on “Oral English” and “English Listening and Speaking”. English majors and Japanese majors each may have a total of no less than 300 hours to face-to-face talk with foreign teachers. Under the foreign teachers’ instruction, students of Business English, English Translation and Business Japanese regularly organize extra-curricular activities, such as “English Corner”, “Japanese Corner”, “English Salon”, “Japanese Salon” and so on. In the past two years, we have sent teams to take part in all-Hunan college English speech competitions and college Japanese competitions, coming out on the top of all professional training colleges or schools in the province.

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